Privacy Policy

We have embraced the following corporate principles since our establishment. As we move forward, we remain committed to the realization of these principles through the continued pursuit of sound business practices. We strive to uphold these ideals, dedicating ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of our corporate activities.

  • Strive to present the wonders of travel to among world's people.
  • Our proposals are primarily geared towards those who do not travel, never intended to travel, or are unable to travel.
  • Create "wonderful moments" that remain memorable for our customers.
  • Contribute to international interaction and global peace through our business.

For the actualization of such a mission and philosophy, we think that it is an indispensable requirement to securely protect personal information of all the people with whom we have a relationship, including our customers.

Furthermore, we devote our utmost effort to realize fair corporate activities to enhance quality and fulfill our social responsibility as a global enterprise.

  • We will institute a Personal Information Protection Management Systemand all our directors and employees will strictly observe it.
  • We will clarify the purpose of use as clearly as possible and acquire personal information by lawful and fair means to the extent necessary. We will legally and fairly collect such information within predetermined purpose for use and provision within the aimed scope. We will not reveal customer information to any external organization unless we have previously informed the customer in disclosures or agreements, or are required by law.
  • We will take organizationally, personnel, physical, and technologically best measures to prevent loss, damage, leakage, and other risks of all the personal information handled in our company, as well as illegal access and acquisition to it.
  • We will adhere to the Personal Information Protection Law, related laws and regulations, national guidelines, and other standards, along with social norms, to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.
  • We regularly examine our management and protection systems and continuously strive for improvement to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.
  • We have established a system to receive complaints and consultations regarding personal information and will respond promptly and appropriately upon receipt.

1.Purpose of Personal Information Usage

We manage the following personal information, and the purposes for which we handle this information are as follows. Additionally, we will clearly specify the purpose when collecting personal information directly from customers through written means.

Types of personal information Personal Information Usage Purposes
Applicants information for Company Visits or Tours: Responding to inquiries and providing emergency assistance during visits or tours.
Applicants information for Travel:
  • Facilitating communication between the company and customers.
  • Making arrangements for services provided by transportation and accommodation providers for the trips customers have applied for, as well as facilitating the reception of these services.
  • Providing information about services and campaigns offered by the company and its affiliated partners.
  • Requesting feedback and impressions from customers after participating in a trip.
  • Seeking participation in surveys.
  • Offering special services and benefits.
  • Creating statistical data for analysis purposes.
Personal information of applied for employment opportunities, or have been introduced to the company by personnel introduction agencies and similar entities. Conducting recruitment assessments, communicating regarding recruitment decisions, and providing information about ongoing recruitment opportunities.
Personal information of former employees. Ensuring compliance with labor-related laws and regulations, and providing emergency contact when necessary.
Personal information of current employees and other staff. Managing the employment relationship, personnel administration, and labor management.
Shareholder information.Managing shareholder information.
Personal information related to requests for disclosure and other requests under the Personal Information Protection Act. Responding to requests made under the Personal Information Protection Act.

2. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, and Suspension of Provision of Personal Data Held by Our Company

If you wish to request the disclosure of personal data held by our company, correction, addition, or deletion of its contents, or the suspension or deletion of its use or the suspension of its provision to third parties, please contact the inquiry desk listed in the next section. Upon confirming your identity as the customer, we will promptly take necessary measures in accordance with the law.

In cases where we cannot fulfill all or part of your request, we will provide an explanation for the reasons. The information subject to disclosure is personal information included in our held personal data about the individual (information processed and held electronically and recorded on paper media, filed in a way that allows easy retrieval).

3. Contact Information and Complaints

(1) Inquiries and Complaints Regarding the Handling of Personal Information:

Contact Information J-TRIP GLOBAL,INC
Contact Center
Types of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure Personal information of travel applicants, personal information of employees (including retirees).
Purpose of Use Please refer to the "Purpose of Use of Personal Information."
Procedure We accept requests for the disclosure of personal information held by our company, etc. (disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of content, suspension of use, deletion, and request for suspension of provision to third parties, and request for notification of purpose of use) from the individual or their authorized representative. Please contact us by phone at the "Contact for Disclosure, etc." mentioned above. We will send the required form by mail or email.

After receiving it, please complete the form and send it back with the necessary identity verification documents. For requests for disclosure and requests for notification of purpose of use, a prescribed fee will be charged. Please request with prior understanding.

Please note that if, as a result of the investigation, the requested personal information is not found, or if the information provided in writing alone is not sufficient to identify the personal information, we cannot refund the fee and postage. We ask for a grace period of two weeks from the date of receipt of the submission document for an internal investigation. If more than two weeks are required, we will inform you accordingly.

(2) If the customer cannot resolve complaints about personal information with our company, they can request assistance from a certified personal information protection organization for resolution between the parties.

4. Outsourcing of Personal Information:

To facilitate the smooth operation of our business, we may outsource certain aspects of our operations and provide necessary personal information to these outsourcing partners. In such cases, we enter into contracts regarding the handling of information and ensure proper supervision between our company and these outsourcing partners.

5. Disclosure of Entrusted Information to Third Parties:

In providing products or services to our customers, we may disclose personal information (such as names, ages, birthdates, phone/fax numbers, email addresses, addresses, workplace, or identification information) entrusted to us by customers to companies with whom we have previously entered into confidentiality agreements (such as airlines and local arrangement companies that are our business outsourcing partners).

However, except in the following cases, we will generally not disclose personal information entrusted to us by customers to third parties. In exceptional cases like those outlined in items ② and ③ below, disclosure will be made under the responsibility of the Personal Information Protection Manager.

  • When the customer themselves has consented to the disclosure of their personal information.
  • When disclosure is required by law.
  • When necessary to protect the life, health, property, or other interests of the individual or the public.
  • When disclosure is made in a state where it is impossible to identify individuals, such as statistical data.

6. Voluntariness of Providing Personal Information

Whether customers choose to provide personal information is entirely optional. However, if necessary information is not provided, certain services may not be provided in an optimal manner.

7. Acquisition of Personal Information through Methods Not Easily Recognizable by the Individual:

On our website, we use cookies to ensure that customers who have accessed the site once can do so promptly when accessing it again. Cookies are mechanisms that temporarily store certain data on the customer's computer, and acceptance can be rejected through browser settings.

Additionally, our website records information each time it is accessed, which is used for the maintenance and statistical analysis of the website's usage. This recorded information does not include personally identifiable information and includes details such as access date and time, source link, domain name of the accessed party, and type of browser used.

8. Handling of Sensitive Information

We will not acquire, use, or provide third parties with personal information related to political views, religion (beliefs and creeds), union membership, race and ethnicity, family origin and domicile, health and medical information, sexual life, or criminal history (hereinafter referred to as "sensitive information") unless:

  • Based on the individual's consent for ensuring appropriate business operations in the insurance industry, sensitive information is acquired, used, or provided within the necessary scope.
  • To the extent necessary for the performance of tasks such as insurance claim payment procedures involving inheritance proceedings, sensitive information is acquired, used, or provided.
  • Within the necessary scope for the performance of insurance premium collection operations, information related to political or religious organizations, labor unions, or sensitive information of employees is acquired, used, or provided.
  • Based on legal requirements.
  • Necessary to protect human life, body, or property.
  • Specifically required for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound development of children.
  • Cooperation is necessary for national agencies, local public entities, or their delegates to perform tasks specified by laws.
  • Sensitive information corresponding to ecological authentication information is acquired based on the individual's consent for use in personal verification.
  • To acquire passport, physical, and health information for the provision of travel services.

9. Other

In the event of any issues such as the leakage of personal information from our company, we will promptly contact the parties involved, take the best and all necessary measures for safety and recovery, and promptly disclose the facts on our homepage, among other channels.

Privacy Policy for Website Advertising

This site utilizes third-party ad services for ad delivery.

To display ads for products and services based on user interests, we may collect and use information related to site access. However, this information does not include any personally identifiable details such as names, birthdates, or email addresses.

Additionally, we provide non-identifiable processed information to advertisers for delivering personalized ad emails and other ads to users who have accessed services provided by advertisers (websites, apps, email magazines). This is done using cookies to provide personalized ads based on browsing history.

About Cookies

Cookies are mechanisms that store information such as usage history and input content sent and received between the browser and server when using a webpage on the customer's computer. When customers access the same page again, the page operator can change the display for each customer using cookie information. If customers allow cookie sending and receiving in their browser settings, websites can obtain cookies from the user's browser. For privacy policy protection, the customer's browser sends only the cookies received by the website's server.

Cookie Settings

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Use of Cookies on Our Website

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  • To provide customized services for each customer by referencing the customer's registration information saved when the customer logs in to the authentication service.
  • To display the most appropriate ads on other company websites based on the customer's interests and usage on our website.
  • To investigate the number of users and traffic on our website.
  • To improve the services of our website.
  • For security protection, to prompt customers who have passed a certain amount of time since their last use to re-enter their password (re-authentication).

Our website may store and reference cookies through third parties based on the delegation of advertising delivery for our website to third parties.

For details on third-party privacy policies and cookies, please refer to the following site.


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